Klepkos family began its course many years ago, as a traditional breeding family, in Leukohori (Klepi), later in Liti and finally in 1951 in Ilioupoli, Thessaloniki. There were the first attempts to produce and trade feta cheese and other traditional cheeses. 

KLEARKOS KLEPKOS CO company was founded in 1967 in Perivolaki Lagkadas, a small village near Thessaloniki. Its founder, Konstantinos Klepkos, with passion and love for tradition, started the production of cheese and especially the famous "Feta". Its production was based on the traditional art of the cheese-maker, which has always been adapted to the requirements at the time, always aiming in the highest quality.

Faithful to the philosophy and his father's production process, Klearchos Klepkos, took over the company in 1984, giving the air of renewal. In 2005, he expanded and modernized the production facilities to adapt to the demands of our time and to offer to consumers the best possible quality of the products.

The succession of the company is now taken over by Konstantinos' grandaughter, Klearchos' daughter, Klepkou Katerina, following the steps of her predecessors.