Goat Cheese

Goats Cheese is produced from 80% fresh goats milk and 20% fresh sheep’s milk that graze in the surrounding mountainous and lowland areas with the addition of traditional natural yeasts and cultures which give it a unique taste and texture. The product matures in a duration of 4 months. It is distributed in tin containers of 8 and 15 kg and plastic containers of 400 - 500gr in salt solution.

  • White brine blended pasteurized milk 90% goat & sheep 10%
  • Humidity max 56% fat minimum 43% dry
  • The product is kept refrigerated < 4 °C

Nutritional information / value per 100gr:

  • Energy 1080 kj / 258 kcal
  • Fat 22g of which saturated 15gr
  • Carbohydrates 1 g of which 1 g of sugars
  • Proteins 14gr
  • Salt 2.5gr

goat cheese

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