Paneraki Cheese

White cheese in the shape of a small head, the mummy is characterized by a rich and succulent taste, but it is considered more spicy and with less acidic flavor.

The texture is semi-rigid and its shape has the characteristic relief shape due to the fact that it is drained in special molds, which leave their mark on the surface of the cheese.

Consumed as table cheese and used in many traditional recipes.

  • It is produced from sheep's and goat's milk with 50% sheep's milk and 50% goat's milk
  • Maximum moisture content 56% by weight and minimum dry fat content 43% by weight
  • Its dimensions are 10 to 15 cm in diameter in diameter and about 10 cm in length

Production process:

  • The milk used for cheese extraction is added .... and other appetite with similar action. When the milk is pasteurized, harmless bacterial oxygenaceous cultures are added as well as calcium chloride up to 20g per 100kg of milk.
  • The milk with which it is prepared expires at a temperature of 33-34 ° C after 3 quarters to 1 hour after the addition of ... .., is divided and the cheese is placed in special pancakes.
  • The cheese comes out, salted over the surface and placed in containers with 6% - 8% brine until it matures. In the first 3 weeks it matures at a temperature of 14 -18 ° C and then up to 6 ° C for at least 2 months.

Special features:

  • Textures: coherent
  • Flavor - aroma: slightly acidic taste with a slightly less lavish salt and herbs flavor
paneraki cheese

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