It is made from 100% fresh goat's milk of the morning origin of the mountainous area of the surrounding area, with a traditional natural goose. They make the same way that the locals made their family's cheese. It's the cheese of our great. Product maturation takes place in four (4) months. Available in plastic cans (vanilla) in flesh 400-500 grams, one (1) pound and four (4) pounds.

  • It consists of pasteurized milk 90% and 90% sheep's milk

  • Humidity max 58% fat minimum 43% dry

  • The product is kept refrigerated at 2 - 4 ° C

  • It expires 12 months after the date of the pack

Nutritional information / value per 100gr:

  • Energy 1080 kj / 258 kcal

  • Fat 22g of which saturates 16gr

  • Carbohydrates 1 g of which 1 g of sugars

  • Proteins 14gr

  • Salt 2.5gr


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