Our facilities were built in 2005 with facilities covering 1.500 m2. These modern facilities have the capacity to process ten 20 tons of milk daily.

Retrieve - Process – Production

After milking, the milk is placed in a milk cooling tank which the farmer maintains at site and is then collected by our isothermal milk trucks and taken to our facilities. After arriving at our facilities, the milk is then cleaned via a centrifugal filter of cold milk (clarifier) and it is stored in milk cooling tanks at 2°C.

This is followed by the pasteurization of the milk (thermal processing) where the microbial charge is annihilated. The milk then goes into the milk reception tanks where with the addition of cultures and ferments (yeast) it is turned into curd. After the milk turned into curd, it is chopped in cubes of 2.5cm x 2.5cm and after it has been strained, it is placed into molds. It is then placed in the pre-maturing booth where both temperature and humidity are fully controlled.

The molds are constantly turned so that they can strain. Their contents are then placed into tin containers where dry salt is added. They are then placed in the ageing room. The cheese remains there for 15 to 20 days between 18-22°C and is then placed in a refrigerator. The products are ready for consumption after four (4) months.We believe that “feta” like many other quality products of maturation, the flavor and perfume emerge with the passing of time.

The cleaning and the disinfection of our installations is carried out with the C.I.P. (Cleaning In Place) system in which all our company’s utensils are washed and disinfected with little water consumption the system is environmental friendly.